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Active Diesel is the official technical assistance service (TAS) of MAN Master Service for Ibiza. In addition to the repair and maintenance of nautical engines, we are also dedicated to the reconditioning of antifouling, varnish and paint, stabilisation, boat cleaning, custody, heat shrink wrapping and many more. We also have the best suppliers of additives, oils and accessories for the optimal functioning of your boat's engine.

Person working on an open engine

Marine engine and inverter mechanics

At Active Diesel we are fully familiar with the operation, maintenance and repair of mechanical engines and new generation engines (Common Rail). Our professional team is fully trained to solve mechanical and electronic problems of your boat.

Gears, propellers and ropes

Generator mechanics

Our sister company Boat Service Germany allows us to distribute official Twin Disc and Volvo Penta engines and spare parts. Furthermore, it is the only company in Ibiza where you can get parts and repairs from ZF Marine, the leading French motorboat, powerboat and yacht engine company.

Motor MAN

Leading brands

We only work with companies that have proven, over the years, to be the most competitive in the sector. Kohler, Fischer Panda, Nanni Diesel? these are just a few examples of the companies we work with and from which we are constantly learning in order to continue improving.

Ship propellers

Personalised advice

We place special emphasis on providing a customised solution tailored to your needs. At Active Diesel we believe that each of our jobs is different and unique and that is why we study each case thoroughly. We want to extend the life of your boats and machinery.

Person painting a boat

Qualified professionals

Our professionals are highly trained and specialised in all our services. We work with leading brands to always ensure a perfect job that lasts over time. You can trust us!

Ship engine

Emergency assistance

Active Diesel is in favour of planning and proper organisation in order to work as efficiently as possible. Even so, mechanics can cause inconvenience at the most inappropriate times. That's why we offer you an emergency assistance service - you are not alone!

Winterising of ships


We offer a winter storage service where your boat can be kept in a safe place. In addition to being able to carry out all maintenance and reconditioning work that may be necessary, in a comfortable way.

Antifouling, fibre and paint of a boat

Antifouling, fibre and paint

We take care of antifouling before every season. We also offer preparation service prior to painting or vinyl. And the placement of vinyl or painting of the boat.

Ship's electronics


Our professionals can check with computers how your boat's electronics are working. And they will advise you on the best options.

Any emergencies?

If you have any incident during your trips, we have an emergency service for you, don't hesitate to contact us!

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