Fischer Panda Marine

“The most powerful Generators you will never hear”

Fischer Panda is a company specialising in power generation and propulsion systems for marine applications, including ships and yachts. Fischer Panda Marine is a specific division that focuses on providing marine solutions. Here are some highlights related to Fischer Panda Marine.

  • Marine Generators:

Fischer Panda Marine is known for its marine generators, which are designed for nautical applications. These generators are compact, quiet and suitable for a variety of vessel sizes.

  • Electric Propulsion Systems:

In addition to generators, Fischer Panda Marine offers electric propulsion systems that can be used on boats and yachts. These systems are often efficient and environmentally friendly.

  • Compact and Lightweight Design:

Fischer Panda Marine products are often characterised by their compact and lightweight design. This facilitates installation on boats and yachts where space and weight are critical considerations.

  • Quiet Generators:

Fischer Panda generators are known for their quiet operation. This is especially important in marine applications where on-board comfort is essential.

  • Integrated Systems:

Fischer Panda Marine provides integrated solutions encompassing generators, propulsion systems and control systems. These systems are designed to work harmoniously and deliver efficient performance.

  • Onboard Power Generation:

Fischer Panda generators are used for on-board power generation, enabling ship owners to have reliable access to electricity, whether in port or offshore.

  • Simple maintenance:

Fischer Panda generators are typically designed with a focus on simple maintenance. This makes it easy to manage and maintain on-board systems.

  • Advanced Control Systems:

Fischer Panda Marine uses advanced control systems to monitor and manage power generation and propulsion. This can include features such as automatic start-up and remote monitoring.

  • Customer Care and Technical Support:

The company typically provides customer care and technical support services to ensure proper operation of its products. This may include advice, manuals and technical assistance.

  • Innovation and Continuous Development:

Fischer Panda Marine focuses on continuous innovation and development to keep up to date with the latest technologies and trends in the marine industry.

Active Diesel is the official Service in Ibiza for more than 25 years, we distribute and advise about the products of the German company, as well as any repairs or maintenance that needs to be carried out on the island.

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