KOHLER Marine Generators

“No matter what vessel you sail or command, KOHLER keeps you powered and on course.”

Kholer is another brand for which Active Diesel is an official service in Ibiza and we are continuously in training. 

Kohler is a well-known brand that manufactures marine generators, among other products. Kohler marine generators are designed specifically for use in marine environments and are known for their durability and reliable performance. Here are some features and highlights associated with Kohler marine generators:

  • Water Resistant Construction:

Kohler marine generators are built to withstand marine conditions, including saltwater exposure and corrosion. They use rugged materials and coatings to ensure long-term durability.

  • Reliable Performance:

Kohler is proud to offer marine generators that deliver reliable, consistent performance. These generators are designed to efficiently provide electrical power even in challenging marine environments.

  • Advanced Technology:

Kohler incorporates advanced technology into its marine generators to optimize performance and improve efficiency. This can include electronic control systems, remote monitoring and fuel saving features.

  • Varied Power Range:

Kohler marine generators are available in a variety of sizes and power capacities to suit different types of vessels and applications. They can power everything from small vessels to larger yachts.

  • Easy Maintenance:

Many Kohler marine generator models are designed for ease of maintenance. This can include easy access to key components for easier inspections and repairs.

  • Marine Standards Compliance:

Kohler marine generators typically comply with specific marine standards and regulations to ensure safety and performance in aquatic environments.

  • Efficient Cooling Systems:

Cooling is critical in marine environments, and Kohler generators typically incorporate efficient cooling systems to ensure proper operation even in high temperature conditions.

  • After Sales Support and Service:

Kohler typically offers robust after-sales service support, including spare parts, manuals and technical assistance to ensure the continued operation of its marine generators.

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