MAN marine engines

“Engines to power the world”

MAN is a leading marine brand that has set the standard for excellence and reliability in the marine industry. With a history stretching back decades, MAN has demonstrated its commitment to innovation and quality in the manufacture of engines and propulsion systems for vessels of all types.

MAN engines are known for their exceptional performance and fuel efficiency. Whether for pleasure craft, luxury yachts or commercial vessels, MAN engines are a trusted choice for boaters looking for a combination of power and durability. MAN diesel and gas engines are suitable for a wide range of applications, from small sport boats to large cargo ships.

One of MAN's distinguishing features in the marine industry is its commitment to sustainability. The company strives to develop cleaner and more efficient engine technologies that comply with the strictest environmental regulations. This not only benefits boat owners by reducing operating costs, but also contributes to the protection of our precious oceans and marine environments.

In addition to its engines, MAN offers a full range of technical support and maintenance services. Boat owners rely on MAN's global after-sales service network to keep their engines in top running condition, ensuring reliable performance on every voyage.

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