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ZF Marine is a division of ZF Friedrichshafen AG that specialises in the supply of propulsion solutions and technologies for marine applications. The following highlights some aspects of the services and products provided by ZF Marine:

  • Marine Propulsion:

ZF Marine offers a wide range of propulsion solutions for marine vessels. This includes conventional propeller propulsion systems as well as more advanced systems such as bow and stern thrusters.

  • Marine Transmissions:

The company manufactures marine transmissions, which are crucial components in ship propulsion. These transmissions are designed to provide efficiency and reliability in a variety of marine applications.

  • Manoeuvring Joysticks:

ZF Marine offers manoeuvring control systems, such as joysticks, that facilitate the navigation and docking of vessels. These systems can include advanced functions to make navigation more intuitive.

  • Steering systems:

ZF provides marine steering systems that ensure precise and safe steering control of the vessel. These systems can be hydraulic or electronic, depending on the needs of the application.

  • Stabilisation Systems:

The company also specialises in marine stabilisation systems, which are crucial for reducing roll and improving on-board comfort, especially in choppy sea conditions.

  • Electronic Control Systems:

ZF Marine integrates advanced electronic control systems into its solutions to optimise performance and efficiency. This can include electronic control systems for transmissions and engines.

  • Maintenance and Technical Support:

ZF Marine provides maintenance and technical support services to ensure reliable operation of its products over time. This may include the availability of spare parts and repair services.

  • Continuous Innovation and Development:

The company invests in research and development to remain at the forefront of innovation in the marine industry. This includes the adoption of new technologies to improve efficiency and sustainability.

We are dedicated to offering the best ZF service, repair and maintenance of gearboxes, gearboxes and marine inverters. We stock new and original ZF spare parts.

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